Frank Hegmann

University of Alberta

Imaging ultrafast phenomena on the nanoscale


Invited Speaker Title
Karthik Shankar
University of Alberta
Plasmon-Enhanced Semiconductor Photocatalysis: Using Hot Electrons to Drive Chemical Reactions
Jayshri  Sabarinathan
Western University
Opto-mechanics of photonic crystal thin film membrane waveguides
Renjie Wang (Jonathan Bradley)
McMaster University
Active and nonlinear tellurite glass photonic devices integrated on silicon nitride and silicon- on-insulator platforms
Dayan Ban
University of Waterloo
Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Energy Harvesting
Jan Dubowski
University of Sherbrook
Photo Atomic Layer Etching (Photo ALE) of compound semiconductors
Mita Dasog
Dalhousie University
Metal Nitride Plasmonic Nanostructures
Tigran Galstian
University of Laval
Electro-responsive liquid crystals beyond display applications
Zahangir Kabir
Concordia University
Electron-hole pair generation mechanism in amorphous selenium for optical to high energy photon excitation
Raphael Kleiman
McMaster University
Probing carrier lifetime and diffusion in silicon via modulated free carrier absorption
Andy Knights
McMaster University
Strategies for optical to electrical conversion in silicon photonics for wavelengths up to 3000nm
Zhenguo Lu
NRC Canada
Quantum Dot Semiconductor Lasers and their Applications in 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks
Douglas Buchanan
University of Manitoba
A floating gate MOS based olfactory sensor system: Conventional silicon fabrication functionalized with organic polymer thin films
Jonathan Baugh
University of Waterloo
A pathway for quantum computing in silicon
Rick Wong
Cisco Systems
Terrestrial Radiation Effects on Integrated Circuits
Karin Hinzer
University of Ottawa
Designs to further improve multijunction solar cell efficiencies
Ayse Turak
McMaster University
Functional nanoparticles for third generation photovoltaics and light emitting structures: monodispersity and size control for high performance devices
Siva Sivoththaman
University of Waterloo
Photovoltaic and detector application of Cadmium-free colloidal quantum dots
Pierre Berini
University of Ottawa
Surface plasmon optoelectronics on silicon
Joe Zwanziger
Dalhousie University
Advances in first-principles studies of semiconductors: optical, mechanical, and magnetic interactions
Peyman Servati
University of British Coloumbia
Stretchable electronics and smart textile for medical and health applications
Jamal Deen
McMaster University
Nanomaterials Based Low-cost Sensors
Zbigniew Wasilewski
University of Waterloo
Elucidating the nature of interfaces in 6.1 Å material system heterostructures
Xihua Wang
University of Alberta
Chalcogenide colloidal quantum dots for flexible sensors, photodetection and solar energy harvesting
Simone Assali
Polytechnique Montréal
Germanium-Tin Semiconductors for Silicon-Compatible Mid-Infrared Optoelectronics
Karen Kavanagh
Simon Fraser University
Phase Imaging of Nanowire Junction Potentials
Giovanni Fanchini
University of Western Ontario
Organic flash memory devices from radical polymers and carbon nanomaterials
Alexander Moewes
University of Saskatchewan
Direct Measurements of 5d energy levels in Eu2+ for pc-LED Lighting applications
Dimiter Alexandrov
Lakehead University
Meso-scale effects in nitride semiconductors
T.K. Sham
University of Western Ontario
Light emission properties of nanocomposites: photon-in photon-out investigations using synchrotron radiation
Federico Rosei
INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique)
Multifunctional materials for emerging technologies
Amr Helmy
University of Toronto
Amorphous hybrid plasmonic detectorstechnologies
Al Meldrum
University of Alberta
Microsphere lasers from a conjugated polymer
Timothy Kelly
University of Saskatchewan
Recent Progress in Thin Film Perovskites for Photovoltaics
Frank van Veggel
University of Victoria
On the upconversion of Ln3+ based nanoparticles
Stefania Sciara
Roberto Morandotti
INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique)
Quantum frequency combs for the on-chip generation, coherent control and processing of complex entangled photon states
Michel Meunier
Polytechnique Montréal
Plasmon-enhanced ultrafast laser nanoablation: from a lab curiosity to nanomedicine applications
Kris Poduska
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Far-Infrared/THz absorption in disordered solids
Miroslav Vlcek
University of Pardubice
Photo and electron beam sensitivity of spin-coated chalcogenide glasses thin films
Rafik Naccache
Concordia University
Fluorescent Carbon Dots and their Applications
Alla Reznik
Lakehead University
Amorphouse lead oxide (a-PbO) for application in digital direct conversion X-ray medical imaging detectors
Gianluigi Botton
Canadian Light Source and
McMaster University
Advanced Electron and Ion Microscopy and Spectroscopy of semiconducting materials and nanostructures
Dave Grider
CREE Wolfspeed, Raleigh, NC, USA
Recent advances in SiC MOSFETS and SiC Power Electronics Technology for Current and Future Power Electronics Applications
Derek Oliver
University of Manitoba
Designing p-i-n silicon microwires for water-splitting applications


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